DGW: 10 - Grado - Wrestlemania part two!


It's part two of the DGW Wrestlemania special! IT'S YERSEL! MEGA FAMOUS WWF WRESTLER GRADO IS BACK ON THE PODCAST. Tom and Grado talk Subway, Wrestlemania, the time Grado met the Miz and much more in this can't miss episode of the Damn Good Wrestling Podcast.

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DGW: 09 - Tommy End and Scott Narver - Wrestlemania part one!


In celebration of Wrestlemania you've got two podcasts in two days! Part one sees Tom and Scott talk with professional head kicker and conspiracy theorist Tommy End and then Tom talks with Scott about Wrestlemania, with a couple of "guests" in the shape of the creator of Wrestlemania and a man who has has musical hit after musical hit! Who you ask? Well you'll just have to listen, don't want to spoil the surprise now do we?!

Check back tomorrow for part two featuring the return of Grado and a mystery (ie undecided) guest!

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DGW: 08 - EC3, Rosie Leigh, and the non rhyming Ali Armstrong - troubletroubletrouble


In this episode Tom ans Scott chat to Progress Wrestling upstarts Ali Armstrong and Rosie Leigh, and then Tom talks with former WWE and current TNA superstar Ethan Carter the third about his theme tune, his legendary rivalry with Dewey Barnes and what's next for EC3.

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Armstrong, Leigh and EC3
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DGW: 07 - Rockstar Spud - Bowties, Yanks and Rasslin


In the midst of the UK tour, Rockstar Spud dropped by to have a chat with Tom and temporary co-host Scott Narver who's over from the US to learn about British wrestling, so who better than the winner of TNA's British Bootcamp to educate him?! Tom and Scott talk bow ties, bloody yanks and naturally pro rasslin. Also Lemmy from Motorhead has an argument with Triple H about new theme songs... if that's not a hook I don't know what is!

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DGW: 06 - JBL - NXT


In this very special Christmas-themed episode Tom talks with former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield about the current crop of talent in WWE's developmental division. Not only that but Heelbook gives us a very special Christmas song and the Curtain Jerks teach Vince McMahon the true meaning of Christmas and wrestling.

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DGW: 05 - Arda Ocal - The Little Things


In this episode Tom chats with one of the world's premier pro wrestling journalists in Arda Ocal. Tom and Arda chat the little things while the Curtain Jerks talk to 'Wade Barrett' about his new gimmick. Keep listening to hear the special guest - a former WWE champion - who will be on in the next episode.

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DGW: 04 - Colin Hunter and Grado


Finally back! Because it's been so long you get a double header. Tom chats with the one and only Grado as well as Kayfabe News creator Colin Hunter. That's right Kayfabe and Wrestling Memes are effectively now the Mega Powers... but online.

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DGW: 03 - Katherine Miller - Beards et al


In episode three of the DAMN good wrestling podcast, Tom speaks with Wrestle Talk TV presenter Katherine Miller. Tom and Kat talk a number of topics including Kat going for dinner with Ric Flair, wrestling's greatest beards and the best comedy wrestlers in wrestling today. The Curtain Jerks also make an appearance as they manage to get Sting and Vince McMahon on the phone together... well sort of anyway!

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DGW: 02 - Charlie Roskilly/Batman - Enhancement talents


In episode two of the newly rechristened DAMN good wrestling podcast, Tom speaks with Charlie Roskilly - Assistant Producer at Wrestle Talk TV and believe it or not, he's also Batman... seriously. In this episode Tom and Charlie talk about the very best enhancement talents in pro wrestling and the Curtain Jerks revisit to chat with "Rey Mysterio" about becoming the permanent Raw GM.

(P.S excuse Tom's voice pre and post interview, he was rather hoarse that day!)

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Wrestlemania preview - PILOT part 1


In the debut PILOT episode of the Botchamemeia podcast, Tom and Maffew run down the Wrestlemania card as well as get sidetracked fairly regularly to chat about everything from the Smark attitude to Wrestlemania cocktails! Check it out and don't forget to check out botchamania.com and facebook.com/wrestlingmemes